Welcome to Anamik Makes Games!

Welcome to my very personal blog. Yes, this is a blog where you can know who I am in details and also you can check out some of my games.

I am Anamik Majumdar, an Indie Game Developer from India. I have started this blog on 21st May, 2015 so that I can introduce myself to gamers and the internet users in a broad manner. 

Creating games independently is my passion and occupation and also my part-time job. However, this part time job sometimes become full time when I am too stressed making games especially before the release of a new indie game.

I have initiated the journey in game development from the year of 2011 and still making games for everyone in the world. I am C.E.O and Founder of AMAXANG GAMES, which is my new game studio where I publish games. I have learned many things and still learning for improving my skills. 

I have created this website to showcase my latest indie games released or to be released commercially and also establishing an intimate connection between the gamers and me(the developer).