Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Using GameGuru To Create Your own 3D Games - Should You Give This Engine A Try? My Thoughts

Today, I am going to discuss about a Game Engine called GameGuru used by a group of game developers for creating 3D games. This engine is good for beginners and to learn basic 3D stuff. Before GameGuru existed, FPS Creator Classic was its predecessor created by the same company and it used to be not that stable. GameGuru is a better engine though. But there are some flaws about it which I have discussed in this video. Feel free to share your opinion if you have ever used this engine to create games. 

I have shared some common issues with the engine and games created with this engine in the video below. Watch it carefully.


Should You Use GameGuru Engine To Create 3D Games?

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I hope the video given above is helpful for you. If you have any question regarding the engine choices you can comment below. 

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