Thursday, 29 April 2021

How to deal with Negative Reviews And Criticisms as an Indie Game Developer - Steam Reviews Reaction

Today, I am going to react to Steam Reviews for four of my titles. I have received a lot of hate and I know how to deal with them as I have been doing it for about 4 years. Sometimes, it gets really difficult to respond to reviews and especially to those which are off-topic, hate reviews and trolls. Ignore the haters, trolls because the HATERS GONNA HATE NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO!

Don't even try to pick a fight with your customers as it might make you look bad and would attract more trolls to your Steam store page. You obviously wouldn't want that to happen, do you?


How To Deal With Negative Reviews And Criticisms As An Indie Game Developer?

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I hope the video given above is helpful for you. If you have any question regarding the matter given above you can comment below. 

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