Saturday, 5 December 2020

Get Itchio Games With A Dollars Special Bundle 1 - Buy DRM-Free Indie Games

Itchio Bundle has arrived yet again this year! This is called A Dollar Special Bundle #1 which presents 5 little indie DRM-Free games. If you want standalone DRM-Free version of the games you have come to a right place. This bundle will end in 5 days. So, hurry up!


Click on "Buy Now" button to visit the bundle page.


A Dollar Special Bundle is available for purchase from 3rd December, 2020 to 10th December, 2020.


You will receive 5 Indie Games DRM-Free along with 4 STEAM keys!

Here is the list of games:

1. Dan in Dark: The Dungeon (DRM-Free only)

2. The Mystery of Devils House (Includes Steam key)

3. Smash Halloween Pumpkins: The Challenge (Includes Steam key)

4. Super Strawberry Man (Includes Steam key)

5. Mission XAM (Includes Steam key)


I hope you will enjoy these games. If you do please feel free to share it with your friends. 

Happy Gaming!

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