Wednesday, 4 November 2020

A New Arcade Retro Shooter Which You Should Try Out Right Now on Steam - Retro Games News

I am really delighted to inform you that A New Retro Arcade shooter has been released on Steam which is called Proxy Air Force. If you are a fan of retro flight shooter games then you have come to a right place. I have been making this game for about 2 months and finally launched it on Steam. If you are into this kind of genre you will find it enjoyable.


I am a solo indie game developer and I have worked on graphics, model design, pixel art, animation and programming. I got influenced by the 90s arcade shooters and I went ahead with the idea to make a better game out of the old mechanics. If you are into arcade shooters I think you should check it out and I really hope you will find it enjoyable. 

Check out Proxy Air Force on Steam now:


Watch This Video:
 Proxy Air Force
is an old-school 2D Arcade Shoot Them Up game based on the story of the world war which broke out between the US and CES countries in 2020.
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