Thursday, 28 May 2020

5 Best Indie Platform Games for PC Which You Have Never Heard of Available on Steam

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Are you looking for new indie platform games? Would you like try out some new obscure platform games for PC which you have never heard of? Then, you have come to the right place.

There are 5 Steam games which were developed by me, a solo indie game developer

There are many platform action games available on Steam. However, these platform games are unique in terms of story, mechanics and also, it is fun. If you are into these sort of genre where you have to kill enemies and such I have stated 5 Steam games created by a solo developer which I think you might be interested to check out.

However, keep in mind that these games have some puzzle elements, interactive objects and such which makes them much more appealing.

Check out these 5 Best Indie Platform Games to kill some time with it:

1. The Valley of Super Flowers

The Valley of Super Flowers is a 2D Platform Action game based on the story of the the valley which had been forcefully captured by an Evil Satanis ruler. 

This is very unique game where the main character is a flower who wants to help others, including starving artists, homeless people and those who were under an Evil ruler. You as the main character have to destroy the Evil regime and free the people from the misery! Check it out if you like the story.

Check out The Valley of Super Flowers game on Steam

2. Axizon Labs: Zombies

Axizon Labs: Zombies is a 2D Sci-Fi themed Platform Zombie Shooter Game based on the story of the sudden outbreak of ZMB Virus which affected 30% of the population around the world. 

This game has been inspired by the great games like Quake 4 and it somewhat looks like that too. If you are into zombie shooters you might like to check this game out.

Check out Axizon Labs: Zombies game on Steam

3. Keatz: The Lonely Bird

Keatz - The Lonely Bird is a 2D Old School action platformer which is based on the story of the lonely bird who has been abandoned by the society. The Government of Heavens, a country where all the birds live, suddenly and unexpectedly decide to eliminate all the flightless birds from the country by any means necessary because they were deemed useless. 

This game is based on the birds character and the battle against the Evil bird ruler. This is a very interesting story and you should check it out now.

Check out Keatz: The Lonely Bird game on Steam
 4. Fight For Love

Fight for love is a 2D Platform Action game based on the story of the major of Simdar army, Ron, whose mission is to protect the Simdar city from external and internal conflicts. 

It is a pretty good game with a great story and only if you are a sucker of a good story and want to experience a unique ride playing the game.

Check out Fight For Love game on Steam
5. The Mystery of Devils House

The Mystery of Devil's House is a 2D Horror Action Platformer based on the story of the Haunted house called William's House located in Massachusetts investigated by The Ghostbuster Crew: International.

This is a horror action themed platformer where you are a part of a Paranormal investigation team and your mission is to find the proof of the paranormal and at the same time, destroying the Evil ghosts and spirits. You play as a Ghost buster. Well, if you love such kinds of games you should give this game a go! 

Check out The Mystery of Devils House on Steam

These are the 5 Best Platform Action Steam Games which you should check out now and I hope you will enjoy these games. This might be a great time killer for you. If you want more recommendations like this and if you would like to follow me. Please subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

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