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5 Best Indie Platform Games for PC Which You Have Never Heard of Available on Steam

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Are you looking for new indie platform games? Would you like try out some new obscure platform games for PC which you have never heard of? Then, you have come to the right place.

There are 5 Steam games which were developed by me, a solo indie game developer

There are many platform action games available on Steam. However, these platform games are unique in terms of story, mechanics and also, it is fun. If you are into these sort of genre where you have to kill enemies and such I have stated 5 Steam games created by a solo developer which I think you might be interested to check out.

However, keep in mind that these games have some puzzle elements, interactive objects and such which makes them much more appealing.

Check out these 5 Best Indie Platform Games to kill some time with it:

1. The Valley of Super Flowers

The Valley of Super Flowers is a 2D Platform Action game based on the story of the the valley which had been forcefully captured by an Evil Satanis ruler. 

This is very unique game where the main character is a flower who wants to help others, including starving artists, homeless people and those who were under an Evil ruler. You as the main character have to destroy the Evil regime and free the people from the misery! Check it out if you like the story.

Check out The Valley of Super Flowers game on Steam

2. Axizon Labs: Zombies

Axizon Labs: Zombies is a 2D Sci-Fi themed Platform Zombie Shooter Game based on the story of the sudden outbreak of ZMB Virus which affected 30% of the population around the world. 

This game has been inspired by the great games like Quake 4 and it somewhat looks like that too. If you are into zombie shooters you might like to check this game out.

Check out Axizon Labs: Zombies game on Steam

3. Keatz: The Lonely Bird

Keatz - The Lonely Bird is a 2D Old School action platformer which is based on the story of the lonely bird who has been abandoned by the society. The Government of Heavens, a country where all the birds live, suddenly and unexpectedly decide to eliminate all the flightless birds from the country by any means necessary because they were deemed useless. 

This game is based on the birds character and the battle against the Evil bird ruler. This is a very interesting story and you should check it out now.

Check out Keatz: The Lonely Bird game on Steam
 4. Fight For Love

Fight for love is a 2D Platform Action game based on the story of the major of Simdar army, Ron, whose mission is to protect the Simdar city from external and internal conflicts. 

It is a pretty good game with a great story and only if you are a sucker of a good story and want to experience a unique ride playing the game.

Check out Fight For Love game on Steam
5. The Mystery of Devils House

The Mystery of Devil's House is a 2D Horror Action Platformer based on the story of the Haunted house called William's House located in Massachusetts investigated by The Ghostbuster Crew: International.

This is a horror action themed platformer where you are a part of a Paranormal investigation team and your mission is to find the proof of the paranormal and at the same time, destroying the Evil ghosts and spirits. You play as a Ghost buster. Well, if you love such kinds of games you should give this game a go! 

Check out The Mystery of Devils House on Steam

These are the 5 Best Platform Action Steam Games which you should check out now and I hope you will enjoy these games. This might be a great time killer for you. If you want more recommendations like this and if you would like to follow me. Please subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Buy Steam Games Bundle Deal - The Special Horror Games Bundle

Get 6 Awesome STEAM games worth a total of $6. Grab them now for $1.50 and save 75%. 
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 The Special Horror Games Bundle

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Note: Keys for all games except for "My Haunted Doll" game will be sent to your Email address after purchase. "My Haunted Doll" is available as DRM-Free standalone version.

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Friday, 15 May 2020

Is Ultra A New Steam Competitor? Introducing Blockchain Technology in Gaming!

Today, I am going to share a new platform called Ultra, which I came across recently, claims to be the competitor of Steam. Their platform is based on the Blockchain technology. This might be good or bad for indie game developers. Watch the video and find it out yourself.

Watch This Video Below:
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How To Publish Your Indie Game On Itchio Store - Let's Publish #1 - Publishing Ghost In The Barn House

Today, I have showed you how to sell your indie game on which is a really awesome indie friendly store open to all of the game developers. The best part is that you don't have to pay any fee to publish your game and you can choose how much you want to pay per sale. You can even keep 100% of your profit from sales.

Watch This Video Below:
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SEMrush The Best SEM and SEO Tool For Keyword Research, Market Analysis And Management - Here is why

SEO and SEM are the most important techniques to use when it comes to web marketing. Without which, it would be hard for you to rank your website in search engines and bringing more traffic to your website. If you are an entrepreneur, businessman or a newbie, SEO and SEM is must for your success. These techniques are widely used by the website owners to rank higher in search engines, thereby bringing a lot of quality traffic to their website. SEO, and SEM are the most preferred techniques used by the web owners to grab more web traffic and generate more leads to their business with the help of this website.

In 2020 and beyond, Social Media marketing has become hugely popular when it comes to bringing traffic to your website. But SEO and SEM should not be underestimated and today, it is the more important techniques to rank higher in Search Engines. There are numerous SEO and Search Engine Marketing tools available. However, SEMrush is one of the best, and popular Search Engine Optimization tools for the web owners to manage their website performance. 

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Let's start with an overview of SEMrush SEO Tool below:

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1. What is SEMrush Tool?

SEMrush is a free as well as paid all-in-one Marketing tool which provides you with important metrics and data of your competitor. It is a spy tool for your website competitors introduced by the maker of SEOQuake, an SEO Addon of Firefox. It gives you a lot of data on any website which has been around for a long time and even for the most popular websites over the internet. 

SEMrush is a leading SEO and SEM tool, that every serious bloggers, marketers should have in their inventory. SEMrush can basically be used to find high CPC and long-tail keywords which is crucial for ranking higher in search engines. Additionally, you can track the keywords used by your competitors for ranking higher in search engines, conducting website audits and it will help you in improving your keywords usage for more quality traffic to your website and outperform your competitors. 

You will be able to view all kinds of data using SEMrush, including, percentage of traffic visiting from a paid or organic search, the number of backlinks, competitors, top anchors, referring domains, advertising competition, and much more features. Since this is a all-in-one Marketing tool, you will be able to see all of these crucial data of your competitors. 

Features of SEMrush:

SEMrush is the most user-friendly SEM and SEO tool among all of the paid SEO tools available. It is highly recommended for web owners to use this tool to outrun your competitors. 

Search Your Competitors Web Traffic Sources

SEMrush is the best tool for analyzing and stealing your competitor's backlings and traffic. When you click on the number of backlinks, SEMrush will show you all of the relevant data about your competitor's link profile.  In other words, if your competitor is performing well with backlinks and other traffic sources you can easily extract those data through SEMrush SEM tools and it is much easier for you to get more quality traffic to your website eventually outperforming your competitor. That is the method of finding your competitor's backlinks.

Creating unique backlinks and creating a balance between "do-follow" and "no-follow" links should be maintained for best results.

Competitor's Keyword Research Tool:

SEMrush is the best Keyword Research tool among all of the options avaialble. With SEMrush, you will be able to find unique keywords and keywords which never came to your mind before. You can generate unique keywords to outrun your competitors.

In order to search these keywords, you have to enter the domain name of your competitor and all of the data including the traffic data, keywords  will be revealed before you and is a great way to rank your website higher. It gives you an idea of what is making that website rank better and you can act upon that.

SEO Audit of Your Website:

With SEMrush SEM Tool, you can perform complete auditing for your website. In other words, you can check the health with SEO analysis tool. You just have to enter the url of your website and within minutes, it will show various kinds of SEO issues, and issues which needs to be fixed, tracking SEO optimization process, broken links, missing tags, duplication and all other issues related to your website. 

SEMrush Customer Support:

SEMrush provides best customer support for you. It is one of the best customer support available which consists of F.A.Qs, updated blogs, tutorials and webiners which you can easily follow. They also provide personal assistance via phone calls, Skype etc.  SEMrush Customer support responds to your support tickets very fast and their representatives helps you with any issues you encounter while using SEMrush tools. 

What are the benefits of using SEMrush for your business?

Now-a-days, building and hosting a website is just not enough. You need quality traffic to your website in order to grow your business and make money from it. For that, you need to get your website to rank in the first page of Google search engine. That's where SEO and SEM plays a significant role in better ranking of your website. You can use SEM tools like SEMrush, the best SEM tool, to rival with millions of website in your niche. 

SEMrush helps you to improve the organic ranking of your website in Search engines. It provides great tools like SEO, SEM, Backlink tools, Website Audit and much more. This tool is highly recommended for web owners, big and small.

The Internet is constantly evolving and if you don't catch up to the changes you can never be able to get quality traffic to your website. SEMrush will take care of that for you. You just have to use this powerful tool effectively to stay updated with your website.

SEMrush Plans And Pricing:

There are three tiers of Pricing with 7 day free trial option when starting out.

Pro Pricing Plan is the best for small web owners and bloggers but GURU and BUSINESS plans are for large-scale businesses.You can access free subscribtions too which has limited features. However, you can upgrade any time you want.

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Thus, from the above SEMrush review, it can be concluded that SEMrush, the best SEM marketing tool, can help you with your online marketing efforts, including, analyzing the organic traffic of your competitor's website. It also helps you to improve your website SEO which will eventually help you to outperform your competitors. Every blogger or website owners should consider using SEMrush if you really want to succeed in internet marketing. If you have any comments, or suggesstions, in case, if I missed something in the post please feel free to let me know in the comments below. I hope this post will be helpful for growing your online presence!

As a blogger, my contents may include affiliate links from advertisers from time to time. I may earn money from actions readers take on these links, such as a click, purchase, or subscribe. However, these are the tools that I recommend fully and have helped my blog tremendously.


Tuesday, 5 May 2020

The Best Steam Games On Sale - Weeky Steam Deal News #1

This is the time for another Steam Sale! Steam Sales are one of the most popular PC Gaming deals available. There are various kinds of Steam sales including weekend deals, weeklong deals, and Seasonal events. I post about Steam Sales at least twice a month in my blog. If you want to get notified, you can subscribe to the newsletter.

Today, some of my Steam games are now available on Sale as a part of Steam Weeklong Deal. This can be one of the best Steam deals for you. Check out 10 of my indie Games which are currently available at a discount on Steam. I will post about these deals for you so that you can choose the best deals appropriate for you.

STEAM DEAL ENDS ON: 11th May, 2020

Keatz: The Lonely Bird
My Haunted Doll 
Boon Boon
House Number 666
Captain The Runner
Fear Half Factor
Super Strawberry Man
Fight For Love
Mission XAM

These are some of the Best Steam Deals available for the first week of May. If you are interested in my games feel free to check them out and I hope you will enjoy them.
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Sunday, 3 May 2020

My Journey of Creating A New 2D Zombie Shooter Game After Pandemic 2020 - Trends

Hello everyone,

I am going to share my journey of creating a Zombie shooting games for PC called Axizon Labs: Zombies! The idea came to my mind when I heard about the COVID 19 Pandemic started out. While I was working on the game called, The Valley of Super Flowers, during the early February, I was actually thinking of making a zombie shooter game but I did not find the reason to create one until the outbreak of pandemic. Everyone is talking about the virus and infections and all that stuff. I thought it might be a great time to create a game based on Zombie creation virus, which is trending currently on Steam. 

Wishlist Axizon Labs: Zombies on Steam:

Watch Axizon Labs Official Trailer:
First of all, I have learned a lot while I was working on the game. I have done all of the graphics, Artwork, Animation, Programming, Level Designing except for the music. I have created a lot of games like this before but it is a unique game in its own way. I actually got inspired by Quake 4 game and I thought it would be great to create a similar kind of atmosphere but in 2D. So, I started working on my project since the end of February. As I am a fast game developer, it took me around a month and a half to finish it. But I will continue to provide updates from time to time even after the game is launched on Steam.

My Expectation as A Developer:

It is hard for me to tell how this game will perform on Steam on the release day. I have pretty much no expectation from my game whatsoever. I do feel like it will sell around 50 or 100 units in the first month on Steam. The price of the game will be at $1.99 with a small launch discount. I will make sure it is much more attractive for the players. You know, the competition is very high now and standing out of the crowd with little marketing budget is a daunting task. I will still go with self-publishing as it is a peace of mind for me. 


I hope some people will enjoy the game. As you can see, this game is very simple. What you have to do is just kill as many zombies as possible and accomplish some Mission Objectives. It is a very simple game with 2 or 3 Mission objectives in each level. I guess, a few people would enjoy it and to me, getting my games on Steam is success. So, I will continue to create more games in the future. I have pretty much realistic expectation because I have the experience with various pricing strategies which worked and did not work in the past. Based on those data, I have an idea of how well this game can do on Steam. Nothing can be predicted until the game is launched on Steam. I will write more articles based on that and provide a link to an YouTube video. Now-a-days, I am posting around 2 - 3 times a week on YouTube.

Features of the Game

1. There are about 14 Levels in the game each with various Mission objectives to Complete!

2. I have added 3 Weapon modes including Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Modes to provide the player with more options!

3. There are 3 Boss Battles and among them, is a survival level where you have to get away from the Monster who will chase you in one of the later levels. If you get caught you will have to start over the level again. That's the challenge!

4. I have added various computers, terminals, which are interactive for the player. It has been made as simple as possible so that players can easily play through the levels.

5. This game has some traps likes saws but there are quite less in number because I did not want it to be a typical platformer but focusing more on Action genre. 

6. It has a story which is based on science fiction. There are a couple of dialogues which will tell the story of what is going on in the game. I tried to keep it as simple as I can. There is not much cut-scenes in the game except for the elevator riding.

And don't forget to check this game out on Steam. If you like what you see please feel free to provide your feedback. Thanks for reading the article.