Friday, 17 April 2020

How To Make $500 A Day Blogging - Simplest Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Today I am going to discuss on how to make money blogging online. Now-a-days, many people are making a lot of money from their personal blogs easily and if you want to be the part of the success, continue reading the article and also, watch the video below to get the details. Making money from your blog is not hard. You have to consistently post valuable contents in your website.

There are various ways to make money writing articles and I want to mention the various ways which you can make money online.

There are many who are making ranging from $25000 to $1000000 per month from their blog. In 2020, it is also possible to make that amount of money with lots of effort if put into making valuable contents for your website visitors.

1. Google Adsense: This is the simplest way to make money as a blog owner. You have to apply for Google Adsense account in order to be eligible for putting ads on your blog. It might take some time to get approval for Google Adsense so you have to patient. There are various kinds of ad types like banner ads, text ads and so on. You can put ads in sidebars, footer of the blog to maximize revenue. This is one of the ways to make money from your blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways  to make money from your blog. You can write product reviews and apply for Amazon Associates or other affiliate program and make decent amount of money from every sale you refer. 

3. Creating your own product: This is also one of the best ways to monetize your blog. This is a great skill to have. If you have the skills to create your own product it is really great and you can promote that product through your blog too. You can write articles about your own product and build awareness around the product. This will help you reach a lot of people writing interesting features of your product. 

So, how to earn from blogging? It is very simple. Post valuable contents and provide value to your site visitors. Don't think that it will happen overnight. It is impossible to happen in a day or two. But if you are consistent with what you post and if you post at least four times a week and do keyword research, SEO, you should be alright. I will also share choosing keywords in the one of the future SEO related posts. I hope this blog post is valuable to all of you. Thank you for reading!

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