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How to Make Money Solving Captcha Easily Online - Make $200 Online From Home (Online Data Entry Job)

Now-a-days, online data entry jobs has been pretty popular over the internet. There are many ways to make money and you can make around $200 every month through data entry jobs online. 

There are many websites where you will get paid by solving Captcha but only a few sites are genuine who pays on time.

Captcha is a human verification test which only human beings can solve. It helps keeping automated bots from joining the sites. 

Captcha solving is the easiest way to earn money from home every month.

How does the Captcha solving works?

After you signup for these websites which are stated below, you need to verify your email address. You will be given hundreds of short images or captcha to solve. There will be some sort of time limit for solving each captcha. It is one of the easiest and best ways to make money online. 

I would only recommend genuine websites which really pays you. It is always better to do some research before joining any website where you see the opportunity to make money online.

Lists of Captcha Solving Websites that Really Pays via PayPal or other payment options:

1.  Mega Typers is a workforce management company that provides data entry services to private and governmental institutions. Their services also include Image-to-text recognition, transcription from Voice to Text, and assisting the visually impaired to overcome internet's visual challenges.

If you are looking for online data entry jobs this is one of the best Captcha solving website and you can make extra money with it. You can also do it in your spared time alongside your full time job.

Visit Mega Typers

2.  2Captcha

With 2Captcha you can make more than $1.00 for 1000 Captcha images you solve. However, your earnings will vary depending upon your typing speed. 

Visit 2Captcha

3. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is yet another Captcha solving website which was founded in the year of 2007. They are in this business for long and they are paying instantly you finish online Data entry job. There are various payout options to choose from. You should give it a try at least and see if it works out for you.

Visit Kolotibablo

4. Captcha Typers

Captcha Typer is a Online Data Entry website where you can register right now to start working for them. The most important feature about them is that you can ask for payout as soon as you earn $1. 

Visit Captcha Typers

5. ProTypers

This is another Online Captcha solving website where you can make extra money for every 1000 Captcha images solved.

Visit Pix2Profits

Things To Remember Before You Join The Captcha Solving Website:


1. These jobs are something which are available for you to make some extra money, for around $200 per month. Keep realistic expectations. 


2. Some Captcha solving websites require you to download some sort of software and you can start working as soon as you login through the software provided by them.


3. You can get payouts via popular payment gateways like PayPal, Payza, etc. It is important that you register for one of the above payment gateways to accept payments online.


4. You should give all of the above websites a try and see which one is much more suitable for you. Always check their Faq(Frequently Asked Questions) section before joining.


Note: You can also create accounts in, freelance, to provide such services online. It might be an additional source of income for you.


Making money online has never been easy. But in 2019 and 2020, there are many ways and opportunities to make a living through the internet.


I hope the above websites will help you earn some extra money. Please share the blog with your friends if you have found it helpful.

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