Friday, 29 November 2019

5 Websites To Make $100 Every Single Day of Passive Income Online In 2020(Secrets)

Making money online is a dream for many people worldwide but only few of them are really interested to make it happen. If you are one of them who wants to make $100 or more per day easily online this is a right place for you. 

Today I will share these 5 websites with you so that you can also make some money online.  

1. is a url shortening website which pays you when someone clicks on a link generated by you on their website and the users will be able to skip ads to view your website. At first you need to sign up for an account on adfly which is free and usually takes a few seconds. You can link to any other websites and even to YouTube videos. Instead of sharing normal video, you can create a shortened url which you can share online and get paid for every click. However, to earn a lot of money you have to make sure you have large number of traffic who click on the links.  

You can make between $5 and $100 per day.

2.  Flippa
Flippa is a service through which you can sell anything online and you can go even further and sell your growing Shopify and Instagram accounts. Many websites are also sold through the services at a few hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you have web design skills you can definitely use their services to sell your website services online.

You can check their popular section to get an idea about what sells better on Flippa.

You can make between $100 and $1000 a day.

3.  Fiverr
Fiverr is a service where you can show your skills and sell your quality services to your clients. The way by which the fiverr platform works is very simple. Suppose, you have video editing skills or graphics designing skills or musician or have great voice. You can use your skills to provide services to your clients for $50 or $100 per client. You can create different gigs each with limited features and the clients can choose from the gigs and will send you money to do the job. You can make around $100 a day depending upon how many job requests you receive per day. This is service you should give a try and see if it works for you.

You can make between $10 and $100 per day or more.

4. Kindle Direct Publishing

If you are a writer and want to publish your own book without publisher you can self publish your book through Kindle direct on Kindle app. The days are gone when you needed publishers to decide for you whether your book is accepted or not. Internet has changed the way the things work now. You can now self publish your books online worldwide. You will get paid around 70% of the revenue when you sell through their platform. 

You can make money depending upon the sales you make through the platform.

5. Upwork
Upwork is another website where you can sell your services. It works almost like fiverr and you can make around $50-$100 per day depending upon how many client requests you get per day. If you have skills you can sign up for a free account and start earning today.

I hope you found these information useful. Please share it with your friends if you found it helpful. I will soon post about more great ways to make money online. With the internet possibilities are endless, really!

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