Sunday, 15 July 2018

Gaze At Maze - an Upcoming 2D Maze Game on Steam! - Developer Story

Hey guys,

Developer here! I have decided to share my stories regarding the game and my life while I was working on this game. 

I wanted to make a maze game long time ago. I had attempted to create Gaze At Maze game in 2015 which was in prototype phase for a very long time. I had at first published it on itchio and sold some copies. This has led me realize that I should make this game as good as possible. I did not have good art skill at that time. But now within just three years, I got much better at pixel art. So, I had decided to revamp the whole game and make a new game based on the prototype which was created in 2015. The game was really fun to play and when I published the prototype on Gamejolt, a few people made a walkthrough of the game. They did enjoy it and played it for more than 10 minutes.

After all these years, I decided to work on this game and finish it within the least possible time. It took me three months to get it work and running. I have done all the artwork, graphics, programming etc.

You can take a look at the old version of the game:

It was a great experience for me and after making couple of indie games for Steam, I gained confidence in myself to be a finisher. The things which I have learned is priceless. 

After finishing The Mystery of Devils House game I immediately started out with another project. Since I made lots of platformer I wanted to try something new. So, an idea came to my mind and I started working on and build the prototype I made long time ago into a full fetched indie game with good graphics and challenging game play. I can't really say if people on Steam would love it or hate it. Either Way, I will accept and move on from there. 

I am pretty lucky to have a supportive community around all of my game and most of their feedback were tremendously helpful to me. That's the very reason why my latest game called The Mystery of Devils house got mostly positive reviews. 

Animating lots of characters, creating props, textures and all is pretty challenging. I consider myself a fast game designer. I can create and animate a 2D character sprite within a few hours or a day if I work full time. (Around 12 hour a day). Someday I couldn't work at all and someday I worked like crazy to finish the game. 

The game turned out to be a science fiction themed game based on the story which I had created for the game. I had to change the story many times to make it suitable for the current theme of the game and it turned out alright in the end. I was really surprised by the improvement of my own art work and my art style is kind of different and unique as compared to other pixel art for Western styled games. 

Finally, I finished it within three months only. Meanwhile, I was working on a new little title called Captain the runner. 

Here is the official trailer of Gaze at Maze game:

I hope those who will play it will love it and I will post about the postmortem of this game once it is out on Steam and I finsh gathering enough data for the first week of launch. 
Postmortem: Link Coming soon!