Saturday, 14 April 2018

Top 5 Places to promote your indie game Generating Gif images

In this article, I will cover some techniques by which you can promote your game and if you are lucky you can also build a fan base using your "promotion materials"  before your games are released to the public.

For Pre-Alpha phase of your game:

This is the phase of development where you have some concepts ready for showing to the public. However, I would not recommend you to show the gifs at this stage. But if you have some sketches or any animated model ready. You might show it on the various communities.

But, for the games which are in Alpha, Beta or Stable state, it is strongly recommended that you start making some promotional materials including gif images, screenshots and banners(if you have one). 

There are several places where you can upload gifs and promote your gifs online to get some potential customers and at the same time building your very own audience surrounding your brand. 

1. Uploading and Sharing on Imgur Community:

Have you head about Imgur website? Well, it is an image hosting website where you can upload your gifs and screenshots. Nice, if you know that why don't you upload gifs of your games on that site. 

But if nobody sees my gif on Imgur what is the point of uploading there? Good question. Actually, there is a way to post your images by adding some texts, links and sharing with Imgur community. As soon as you share on Imgur community you can see more and more people are watching your gif image.

But one downside which I have noticed on Imgur is that any posts are going to receive more downvotes than upvotes and that should not matter as you can not satisfy all the customers ever.

2. Share images on Social network site like Twitter:
Upload your gifs on giphy image hosting site because these images works the best with Twitter. Just post 5 times per day or a week to get most out of it. Gif images might be a great way to receive more attention. Don't forget to use #gamedev hashtag while sharing the post on Twitter.

3. You can post it on some of your favorite game dev forums like, tigsource. This might not be as effective as you think because game developers are NOT your target audience. However, you can still show the gifs in Gamedev forums during the development solely for feedback.

4. Share your gifs on some well known subreddits like /r/gifs and that is really effecting. Make sure your game is really polished. Choose the best possible gif to show it on this subreddit. In order to receive feedback, don't forget to post your gifs of your games in /r/gamedev "Gamedev subreddit". Moderators on Gamedev subreddit arrange Screenshotsaturdays thread every Saturday and that is a chance for you to show off your indie game to other game developers.

5. Upload your gif images to and share your gifs on and other similar sites like giphy. It does not gurantee that it will get more visibility but there is still a chance of getting some following. You can post about it on your own websites and blogs like 

These are some of the ways you can promote your Gif images. It won't be that easy to get a following for your game but it will certainly get more visibility and some potential sales when the games come out, than doing nothing. 

I hope that it will be useful for your indie game marketing adventure.

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