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Top 5 New Releases on Steam - 1st January 2018 - Buy New Steam Games

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This is my first post covering top 5 New Steam Game Releases and I will mention those games which can never be heard in major news websites and I have got interested in these games personally and I would like to recommend you to check them out and support the indie game developers who have tried their best to make the best game possible. 

Now-a-days, Steam is full of low quality, asset flip games and I will also point that if I find one and I will post about them in this blog too. It has almost become harder for gamers to find new gems and great new games which are being released on Steam every single day. Moreover, with the change in Steam store algorithm it is ever harder to find new games as it shows only the popular titles which has already been promoted. So, I will cover games which deserve some attention starting from 1st January, 2018. 

Here are 5 top New Releases on Steam mentioned below:

1. Bloodworks (Free to Play)

 Bloodworks is a free top-down survival action game where you fight against an endless waves of monsters. The odds are not in your favor!
 Check this game out on Steam

2.  TileDynasty FPS Arena:

Set in an Apocalyptic World, you play as a renegade with incredible endurance and speed, demolishing enemies with arcade like weapons.
TileDynasty is an FPS Arena, where Players can work together against AI Enemies or go head-to-head accomplishing objectives within each game mode.

3. Carnage in Space: Ignition:
Use your fighting skill and superior agility to outmaneuver and dismantle foes in a fast-paced, vicious action-platformer! Fight your way through fierce battles and frantic platforming challenges! Earn your place as one of the galaxy's legends - if you can survive to the end!  

4. Blockship Wars: Roguelike:

BlockShip Wars: Roguelike is an action roguelike/RPG where you build your own ship, explore huge procedural maps, and battle computer controlled enemy ships entirely made out of components that you can salvage and put on your ship.

5. Christmas Santa Troubles:
Collect all sweets during the game, avoid saws, spikes, icicles and falling to abyss - you will help main character come back all gifts and Christmas will be saved. Santa will prepare his sleigh and move on worldwide giving out presents for all kids on the planet. help Santa, save the Christmas!

These are the TOP 5 New Steam Game Releases for 1st January, 2018. Kindly check them out. Thanks! For more Top New Steam releases subscribe to our newsletter!

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