Sunday, 3 December 2017

How to Promote Your Gaming YouTube Channel on Facebook - Groups and Communities - Top Tips

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another "How To" post where I will discuss the ways of promoting your YouTube channel in popular Social Media site like Facebook. The main issue that most of the YouTubers face is the lack of visibility. However, there are obviously some ways you can promote your video. Facebook might be a very useful platform for you to promote your YouTube videos.You might also get chances to collaborate with other YouTubers and make friends which is a plus point for your YouTube career.

These Facebook groups have been created by people from different countries and it is possible that they allow only specific people from specific country to post their YouTube video links. This is your responsible to read their rules(if any) and try your best to abide by the rules. No one likes spammers you know.

There are many Facebook Groups available which you might not be aware of. Here is a handful list of Facebook Groups stated below:

1. YouTube Community
Current Members: 6,534+

2. YouTubers
Current Members: 4,960+

3. Support for YouTube, Twitch,Hitbox and horror.
Current Members: 3,059+

4. YouTube/Twitch Push
Current Members: 3,053+

5. Youtube & Twitch Channel/Video Promotions
Current Members: 8,348+

6. YouTubers!
Current Members: 22,668+

7. Twitch YouTube Hitbox
Current Members: 1,829+

8. Growing YouTubers!
Current Members: 1,743+

9. YouTuberzy![Non-English]
Current Members: 7,532+

10. YouTube Gaming Videos
Current Members: 14,291+

11. Twitch/YouTube Streamers - RGM
Current Members: 2,056+

12. YouTube Get Famous!
Current Members: 2,655+

13. YouTube Promotions
Current Members: 8,705+

14. YouTube Support and Growth
Current Members: 2,226+

Current Members: 2,367+

16. Youtube gamers
Current Members: 18,497+

17. Youtube Subscribers
Current Members: 131,157+

18. Promote Your YouTube and Twitch
Current Members: 16,225+

19. YouTube Promotion Unlimited
Current Members: 35,405+

20. YouTube Gaming and Twitch
Current Members: 14,421+

21. YouTubers(2)
Current Members: 5,670+

22. YouTube Gaming!
Current Members: 17,875+

23. YouTube and Twitch Gaming Romania[Non-English]
Current Members: 1,650+

24. Africa YouTubers 301[Non-English]
Current Members: 3,775+

25. YouTube Subscribe S4S
Current Members: 33,022+

26. YouTuberzyMEGA[Non-English]
Current Members: 4,860+

27. YouTubers ACTIVOS[Non-English]
Current Members: 6,438+

28. sub4sub100%YouTube
Current Members: 24,483+

29. Youtube Gamers[Non-English]
Current Members: 9,792+

30. Retro Gaming Group YouTube
Current Members: 2,849+

Finally, the list has been completed! There might be many Facebook groups which I have not noticed yet. However, this is a good list of Facebook groups where you can promote your YouTube videos. I wish you good luck with your YouTube channel and I hope your channels grows. The most important thing is to never give up. If you love what you are doing you should be consistent and create videos every day and let the world see your awesome creations!

I will provide more information on marketing your videos both free and paid in the following posts. You can subscribe to my blog for updates in future.