Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Keatz The Lonely Bird Indie 2D Platform Action Game - Destroy The Water Turret - Septerber 19 2017

September 19, 2017:
Development Progress: 50%
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Hello world,

Today, I have introduced some important features in the game, Keatz: The Lonely Bird. When I was working on the level design, some features were missing like there were no instructions available, nor there was a screen shake effect implemented at that time. So, I had to modify code and got it to work readily. 

Designing the level was fun and it was a great experience. When I started working on designing level, it was like an empty world with only placeholder images and non-animated character sprites. But later, I replaced them with actual textures, character art and so on. I have also added some lighting effect to the level to make it look as attractive as possible. 

In the previous post I had mentioned that I had added parallax motion effect which has drastically improved the visuals of the game. There are also some jumping woods where the player can jump over with an aim of jumping higher than player's normal jumping abilities. Besides, there are saws, thorns and water areas. However, one must be very careful as the player will die if immersed in water since it is a bit deeper. 

Now, I would like to add a gameplay video showing the level which I have explained above. The visuals are more meaningful than the writing itself and it is quite natural and a great idea to have a video linked in this blog post. Here you go:

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