Saturday, 30 May 2015

NightmareZ Game Awaiting For Review By Youtubers!

This is a pain in the neck to get my indie game reviewed early. It takes a lot of time and it is probably the time-consuming part of game development and marketing process. I recently submitted my games to each and every Youtubers possible. I also submitted my game to press but I don't think that I can get any press coverage at this time. Since, I am new to this profession too, it is really a hard time for me to get my game reviewed and I don't expect to get reviews from all the publishers and editors. So, I also submitted my game to Youtubers and they might cover the indie title soon. 

I have been waiting for a month or even more for getting my game reviewed which is totally a time-consuming process and also there is no assurance that my game will be reviewed. I understand that the popular Youtubers get at least a dozen or more emails per day and it is simply not possible to cover all of them. It seems that it depends upon the patience and a full bucket of luck to get at least ONE review. 

NightmareZ was released on 15th April, 2015 on, and on my website. But it was released later on Desura, on 21st May, 2015. 

I have not given up yet. I am trying to spread the news about my game throughout the internet and it seems to be more difficult. The development process of indie games are half the battle and there is more to go. As you have noticed, the current version of this game is V1.1.0.0. This is the latest version released till date. I had released V1.0.0.0 before where the graphics was not that good and there was a bug. The bug has been fixed in V1.1.0.0. Anyone who will purchase the game now or later will have V1.1.0.0 version only NOT the previous version. 

It is expected that NightmareZ will soon be reviewed and it will be the BIGGEST news for me and my company, AMAXANG GAMES. 

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