Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A New Plan For Spreading The Word Out for My Indie Game!

In today's game market, it has become really challenging as well as very difficult for small indie game developers to promote their indie games. From my personal experience of game development and promotion, it's really really hard to get noticed since many indie games are released on the market every day! Naturally, your game gets buried under several new titles. But the marketing process is completely different. Some games get more exposure and some won't get at all. However, if you already have a fan base, then, there is a chance of selling your game to many gamer. But unfortunately for smaller developers(I am also in the list of small developer), it's really hard to get noticed with limited budgets and marketing strategy. Most of the developers don't know how to market their game. 

Most of the developers often ask: "How can I promote my game?"

There  are many ways by which you can promote your game. First of all, there is a market already present on Youtube. Youtubers starts making let's plays and attract players. In the same way if you have one or more games developed already. You need to show the people what you are making and why are you making. 

I have decided to give this idea a try as a developer and if I can get a few subscribers and more views that would be a great achievement. Some developers stream games on Twitch. That's might be a good place for promotion too. 


Step 1: I will make a Preview of the game I am working on. Try to show the main parts of the game during the preview of game. You are showing the story, gameplay and some main features of the game which might appear attractive and appealing. After making the video, you can also show this video on subreddits.

Step 2: Try to make short game play videos for example: NightmareZ - An Indie Game Little Walkthrough #1 , #2 , #3..... and so on. What's the point on doing this? I can't say that it will work. But it might be helpful for the new users who have not tried out the game or is willing to try out the game. Try to keep the length of the video not more than 3 minutes. Keep it short and precise. There is no need to give so many texts in the video. Just give a short introduction and Thank you at the last part of the video. Don't forget to provide Twitter and Website link at the end. 

Step 3: After uploading the gaming video, don't forget to privide the link of the game page where they can try out the game. It's better if you have a Demo. This will also help you to promote your website since you can get direct traffic from Youtube!

Step 4: Try to explain why your game is unique from others. Always try to make the videos as unique as possible.

Step 5: For better SEO results, use some Tags in the description of the video like indie games, indiedev and more tags as you like.

Please note that, I have not tried out the method yet. But I will soon try to do it as soon as possible. If I have any success with this, I will provide a new update here.


Best Regards,

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Boon Boon - The Indie Platform Game for PC Windows

Hi everyone,

I am here with a new game which I am gonna release on 25th July, 2015. This is called Boon Boon.

This is a game based on the romance genre. That means it generally symbolizes love between Boon Boon and his girl friend, Luna. The interesting part is that both of them have different personalities. Such as, Boon Boon is a free minded person who can speak freely to anyone to express his feelings. Whereas, Luna has a different personality. She has never openly expressed that she had fallen in love with Boon Boon. Moreover, she denies the fact of having feelings for him. But Boon Boon knew that she love candy. So, he had started collecting candy from the places under heavy guard. There are monsters who protect candy from getting stolen.

The mission of the player is to collect all candy and bring them to her girl friend, Luna. How will you do, this is up to you?

Size: 15.69MB Type: Platformer Ratings: 90 out of 100 Release Date: 25th July, 2015 Version: COMMERCIAL Compatibility: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1 or Higher Progress: Complete.

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1
At least 128MB of video memory
1GB RAM Recommended!
Keyboard and Mouse


Game Trailer:

Buy This Game:

Price: $3.00
Link coming soon!


Friday, 5 June 2015

NightmareZ Game Added To IndieVideoGames Listing!

Finally, my game, NightmareZ has been added to Indie Video Games listing. This is a new gaming platform where many gamers search for new exciting indie games which they have heard elsewhere. I am trying to spread awareness around the world in many possible ways.

You can also find the listing on IndieVideoGames.com : http://indievideogames.com/nightmarez/ 

This is the great news for this weekend and I guess I will soon have NightmareZ get reviewed by Youtubers. 

Want to purchase NightmareZ game? Look nowhere, get it here: http://anamikmakesgames.blogspot.com/2015/05/nightmarez-platformer-indie-game-for-pc.html   
If you think the game is good or if you like the game, you can follow the facebook page AMAXANG GAMES: CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Steam Refund Policy of 2015 Is a Huge Blow To Smaller Indie Games

NOTE: I am writing this article mainly for developers who have already published their games on Steam and also for giving this little piece of information to all the indie developers who seems to be unhappy with the recent change in refund policy of Steam and it could be a huge blow to the game industry especially for smaller indie games and their developers.

Recently, I have noticed some developers who have recently released their games on Steam, the largest marketplace for AAA and Indie titles. But their recent refund policy are unacceptable by many developers who are scared of getting many refund requests than they used to get

The thing which the developers fear the most is that the gamers are free to purchase smaller indie titles and they can play them for 2 hours or less. If they are not satisfied or for ANY reason they can ask for refunds. They can ask for refund within the 2 weeks from the date of purchase. 

This system has made a way for the gamers to use it as a weapon. The gamers can purchase the game, play it for 2 hours and they will ask for refund. But the main problem is that most of the DRM -Free Indie games are shorter in length(approximately one hour). This system has caused a great problem for indie game developers especially who create small indie games and they are vulnerable to the scams. 

There is no doubt that the gamers can purchase the games and can download them to their hard drive. They can even copy the main game and paste it in their USB drive in no time. Finally, they can ask for refund. If it happens, they can easily get the Commercial games for free without spending money for it. 

From the gamer's point of view, this refunding policy is good and Steam should have a refund policy in case of wrong game purchase and accidental purchases. But from game developer's point of view, this has caused a big problem as they can be scammed easily. 
I have no idea how Steam can protect Small Developers from these scams but this is clear that it is unacceptable by larger groups of developers.

Many game developers and game reviewers have presented their own opinion regarding the Steam refund policy.

I have just found a post in reddit where this system is being abused. The players are very happy playing a game for 3 hours or 5 hours or even 100 hours and then they get a refund. How awful? If this continues then, no one is going to spend money on buying games rather they play the game for free. Click Here to see the reddit post

This same piece of information I wrote here is found in comments section: 
7th Comment:
"Its not the f*****g same. A digital copy can be copied against an unlimited amount of time with a marginal cost of 0 and can't be consumed or even deteriorate.
It would be more like eating a steak that always reverts to it's original state and can be duplicated for free any time."

[This is true that piracy of games can't be stopped if you even try to.]

RPS' John Walker(From RockPaperShotgun) said,
“Games that have opted not to use Steam’s DRM, which of course is usually perceived as a customer-friendly decision, can now be purchased, copied over into a different directory, and then a refund requested. With the new no-quibble policy, they’ll get their money back, and have a working copy of the game remaining on their hard drive. It is, essentially, the same shady antics that were possible when brick-n-shelving game stores would provide refunds on DRM-free boxed PC games. It was, in fact, a huge reason why boxed PC games had DRM.”

He also noted that Steam trading cards unlocked within the first couple hours of a game’s runtime can still be sold for profit, meaning that people could get both free games and (mostly) free money out of the deal.

It is clear that this new Refund Policy of Steam is going to hurt some small very personal Indie Game Developers who had worked so hard for years on making their games. This is a great problem for them which must be solved quickly. But I don't know whether the Steam cares for smaller games anyway. If they care about them a little, then, this problem can be solved. 

Note to Developers: I have presented here this important information to all of you to let you know about the problems arose due to the new refund policy of Steam. This is no way a criticism but a note to developers as they have worked hard on their games overnight and if they fall in such a trap then, it would be worse. This article contains the people's opinion regarding the system on Steam which I found to be discussed in forums and Game Developer's Communities.    

Sunday, 31 May 2015

NightmareZ Indie Game Has Got Its FIRST REVIEW!

THE BIGGEST NEWS : "NightmareZ Game Has Got Its First Review!"

As I was trying to get some media coverage for my game and the time has come to notify you that My Indie Game, NightmareZ has got its very first review from an Youtuber of Arkansas, USA, Michael Musgrove (Coder Musgrove)!

I have been waiting for long time to get at least ONE review from Press, Youtubers and Bloggers and here IT IS!

I have never thought of getting my game coverage so early and many many thanks to Coder Musgrove, who took his time to review the game and he has done a great job giving review points to it.

Take a look at the video containing the first review of NightmareZ Indie Game:

GamePlay: 90%
Graphics: 90%
Sound/Music: 100%
User Friendliness: 100%
Design Flaws: 60%
Controls 100%

Watch this video on Youtube!
Feedback from Youtuber, Michael Musgrove:

"I think it's pretty good. I will admit I get frustrated easily, and I found the game to be difficult (which isn't a bad thing)."

Are you interested in buying the game? You can try it out! Get this game for only $5 while you still have a chance!


Saturday, 30 May 2015

NightmareZ Game Awaiting For Review By Youtubers!

This is a pain in the neck to get my indie game reviewed early. It takes a lot of time and it is probably the time-consuming part of game development and marketing process. I recently submitted my games to each and every Youtubers possible. I also submitted my game to press but I don't think that I can get any press coverage at this time. Since, I am new to this profession too, it is really a hard time for me to get my game reviewed and I don't expect to get reviews from all the publishers and editors. So, I also submitted my game to Youtubers and they might cover the indie title soon. 

I have been waiting for a month or even more for getting my game reviewed which is totally a time-consuming process and also there is no assurance that my game will be reviewed. I understand that the popular Youtubers get at least a dozen or more emails per day and it is simply not possible to cover all of them. It seems that it depends upon the patience and a full bucket of luck to get at least ONE review. 

NightmareZ was released on 15th April, 2015 on itch.io, and on my website. But it was released later on Desura, on 21st May, 2015. 

I have not given up yet. I am trying to spread the news about my game throughout the internet and it seems to be more difficult. The development process of indie games are half the battle and there is more to go. As you have noticed, the current version of this game is V1.1.0.0. This is the latest version released till date. I had released V1.0.0.0 before where the graphics was not that good and there was a bug. The bug has been fixed in V1.1.0.0. Anyone who will purchase the game now or later will have V1.1.0.0 version only NOT the previous version. 

It is expected that NightmareZ will soon be reviewed and it will be the BIGGEST news for me and my company, AMAXANG GAMES. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Top 10 Characters of NightmareZ Indie Game - Explore The Game!

Finally, I have decided to disclose 10 Top Characters of NightmareZ Indie Game. The characters are arranged in order of their strength.(Less strength to More)

I will also mention some hidden characters which will arrive in NightmareZ 2!

The Characters as Players/ Helpers!
 1. Razor: Razor is the main character of NightmareZ controlled by the player. Razor is the son of the great demon, Zaxina. He has his elder brother who is stronger than him but having arrogance for his superior power. Razor wants to protect the world for which he fought the evil demons.
2. Zaxina: Zaxina is the father of Razor and Uminoxina. He is the greatest warrior in feudal times. His mission was to destroy the evil forces. But he passed away(believed by the saint). However, it is still unknown whether Zaxina is really dead or he is still present in the world.
[Zaxina had no role in NightmareZ game but expected to have a role in NightmareZ 2.]

3. Uminoxina: Uminoxina is the son of the greatest warrior, Zaxina, and the elder brother of Razor. He went to hell many years ago to fight the evil demons all by himself. But he never returned from there. After a few years, his brother Razor took over his mission and started to destroy the enemies. However, he will meet his brother inside the Land of Hell at least for once while fighting Eye Demon. Such a tragedy.

4. Saint Nataraj: Saint Nataraj is also the main character of the game. Here, saint helped out Razor in some areas and he also know a lot about the family of Zaxina. He might be the principal character having distinct principles.

The Characters are Evil and playing the role of Enemies:
5.  Flytime Red: Flytime Red is a fancy character playing the part of enemies. These creatures are capable of flying in every directions and they have a tendency to strike the player.

6. Flytime Blazer: Flytime Blaze also flies around the places and also tends to move towards the player. They try to eat away the player and they do so when they get a chance.

7. Fly Fish: FlyFish is a dangerous opponent and they fly really faster than Flytime Red and Blazers. They can cause serious damage to the player if they touch him.

8. Eye Demon: Eye Demon is the powerful Mini boss of the game which can cause severe damage to the player in no-time. They are often powerful and throw a blue power which is really dangerous.

9. Three Headed Man: Three Headed Man, as appeared by the name, has three heads of different colors and they throw three laser bullets at a time. So, the player must be very careful since It is stronger and is not at all easy to destroy them.

10. BOSS: The BOSS is the strongest and fearsome enemy than any other bosses and mini-bosses. The BOSS is capable of throwing the Underworld power in the form of Underworld Energy Ball. These powers are very much effective even for a stronger opponent like Zaxina. The Boss consists of Three Eye Demon's power.
These are the top Ten characters of NightmareZ Indie Game. If you have ever explored the game, then, don't forget to read this article. 

Purchase and Play this game. I am sure you will love it!

This is an Indie Game Developed by Anamik Majumdar. This is one of the greatest Indie game ever published on AMAXANG GAMES.

Are You Interested in buying this game? Click Here for more information.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

NightmareZ - A Platformer Indie Game For PC - Buy And Download

Welcome to NightmareZ Indie Game Page,

From this section you can order the game through your preferred payment option.

DEVLOG -  Read Devlog - The game development Blog.
INDIEDB  - The Game is also on IndieDB!

Gameplay Video:

NightmareZ has got a review, done by an Youtuber, (Coder Musgrove)

Game Overview:

NightmareZ is a side-scrolling platform action game with multiple characters and a lot of fancy features and retro visuals. 

The player can jump, shoot and even take items necessary for increasing ammo, health and energy. Energy tends to lose from time to time, so it must be collected after a few minutes.

The mission is to annihilate the evil forces by destroying them and to collect all the shiny rings for passing each levels.

Game Screenshots:

File Size: 54MB
Genre: Platformer/Shooter/ Retro/ Action
Released: 23rd October, 2015.
License: Commercial
Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher.

Minimum System Requirements:
512MB of Video Memory
2GB RAM Recommended
Compatible Sound Card
DirectX 9.0 or higher
Keyboard and Mouse

Price: 5.00USD
Game Version:
This is the latest version released till date.

Game Developed By: Anamik Majumdar

Buy This Game:
All orders have been closed temporarily.

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