About Me

I am Anamik Majumdar, a 20 years old Indie Game Developer of India making games since, 2011. I am also the developer at AMAXANG GAMES

I create games for most of the genres like Action, Adventure, Platformer, Shooter, Arcade and many others.

But among them, my preferred genres are Platformer and Shooter. I mostly create games independently based on these genres.

What's this site all about?
As you can see this is my personal website and I often post News and some important information regarding my games and also many other things. You can also get a few information based on the Game Industry.  

Why do I make games?

Actually, there are many things to tell when it comes to game development. I make games because I love making them. I make games in my spare time and it has become a part of my life and I have emerged as an Indie Game  Developer. I make games to show my creativity and skills to the world.

I will continue to make games as long as the gamers and the people like you support me for my hard work. Making games is not easy since it requires a lot of effort to finish a thing. The great thing about me is that I can finish each and every game I start making. Because I don't like to create games which I can't finish in my lifetime. So, I focus on making small games which can be finished within a matter of a year or two. 


Anamik Majumdar
Location:  Calcutta, India
Passion(Profession):  Game Developer
Link: http://www.amaxang-games.com/